We’ve all made mistakes or done things we’ve later regretted.  Sometimes those mistakes and regrets even result in criminal misdemeanor or felony convictions.  Jail time isn’t the only punishment for being a convicted felon.  Some other punishments include loss of gun rights, exclusion from government housing, and lack of job opportunities.  Even though you’ve paid your debt to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, these additional punishments can prevent you from putting a roof over your family’s head or providing for them through a quality job.

Fortunately, Kentucky recognizes that certain misdemeanors and felonies should not hang over your head like a dark cloud for the rest of your life.  In 2016, the law changed so that certain felonies can be expunged from your record.  Some of these felonies include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance;
  • Certain marijuana offenses;
  • Public intoxication;
  • Certain prescription drug offenses;
  • Theft offenses;
  • Forgery offenses;
  • Tampering with physical evidence; and
  • Nonsupport and flagrant nonsupport for failure to pay child support.

To begin your expungement process, Peace Law will conduct a criminal background check to determine your eligibility for expungement.  If we determine that you are eligible, then we will file an application with the Kentucky State Police so that your eligibility for the expungement process can be confirmed.  Once the Kentucky State Police confirms your eligibility, then our firm will we file your petition for expungement with the court.  If the court grants your petition for expungement, then your criminal files are sealed and the entire criminal case is treated as if it never happened.  These embarrassing events will no longer show up on a background search, and you can return to the type of life you lived before this case ever began.

We all deserve a second chance so contact Peace Law at (606) 521-5500 to see if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged.